Saturday, December 12, 2009

How can I prevent my lace wig from shedding?

This information is to help you learn how you can prevent and avoid your lace wig from shedding.

I can not stress enough how important it is to follow the directions that came with your wig to increase its longevity.

And most important - Reseal your Knots after EVERY WASH.

Second, we advise to STAY AWAY from putting products directly in the hair that contain high levels of alcohol ie. Hair Sprays, Spritz, etc.. As these products can damage the hair and cause shedding or breakage.

Third, you MUST clean all the glue residue off your wig when you remove it. Letting glue or other adhesives build up on your lace will cause shedding.

Fourth, do not scratch your scalp through your unit as this will cause shedding. Instead, pat your head with your hand or remove your unit and treat your scalp with an anti-itch shampoo and conditioner and then moisturize your scalp with an oil or hair grease to prevent itching.

Fifth, comb your unit from the tip up, holding the hair above as you comb so that it won't pull on your knots. Use a ventilated wig brush to comb your wig, not a bristle brush.

Sixth, do not comb your wig when its wet. Prior to washing your unit make sure you comb it out thoroughly and that its nice and smooth before you start to wash it.

Seventh, do not Blow Dry or Sit Under a Dryer with heat, you should let your unit air dry. If you must blow dry, make sure it is on the cool setting. Blow Dryer heat will damage/split the knots and cause shedding.

Sleeping in Your Unit:

When sleeping in your unit it is best to either braid up your hair or put it in a ponytail so it does not tangle while you sleep. You should comb your unit out each night prior to wrapping it up in the scarf. Also it is very IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE you wrap a silk or satin scarf or bonnet around your head, this will help to prevent the hair from breakage and/or shedding. These things are mandatory.

Swimming in Your Unit:

You are able to swim in your unit if you use the extended wear adhesives. However, please keep in mind that Chlorine and Salt Water can be damaging to your own hair let alone your lace wig that you have invested in. Therefore, please take extra care of your unit when swimming in it. It would be best to wear a swim cap. However, if you do not wear a cap, MAKE SURE you wash your unit based on our instructions after each swim. DO NOT let chlorine or salt water build up in your hair as it can damage it.

How to Re-Seal the Knots on Your Unit to Prevent Shedding

Some shedding is normal, however, it should not shed anymore then our own hair would. If you experience any shedding, your knots may need to be resealed. This method will eliminate shedding. This should be done immediately once you notice any shedding and also AFTER EACH WASH. Re-sealing your knots along with Deep Conditioning your unit is a crucial part in assuring the longevity of your unit.

Step 1: Wash and condition unit as per our care instructions.

Step 2: Wait until the unit is completely dry

Step 3: Once dry, Re-Seal the Knots with our Full Lace Wig Knot Sealer which you can purchase on our website.

Follow These Instructions:

  • Turn your wig inside out so that the lace side is showing.
  • You will be spraying the lace only. Place your wig on the mannequin head and wrap a towel securing it with a safety pin around the hair that is hanging down. This is to protect the hair. (DO NOT get the spray in the hair)
  • Spray a light mist of the Knot Sealer over your entire cap.
  • Leave wig on mannequin head and allow to dry completely (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Do not remove from mannequin head prior to the lace drying
  • You do not need to re-wash the unit. Once the lace is dry, it is ready to wear.

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