Friday, October 23, 2009

How To: Deep Condition a Lace Wig


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Conditioning your hair is an important step in any hair care regimen, but it’s even more important when you wear lace wigs. Since the hair isn’t growing from your scalp you need to take extra steps to make sure the hair has been conditioned well.

When it comes to picking a conditioner I have had good results with a lot of different brands. Dove, Nexxus, Sunsilk, Herbal Essences have all worked well for me. You don’t necessarily have to use name brand products, but I have never tried a “no name” conditioner on my lace wig, so I can’t say if the results would be the same. Dove and Herbal Essences are reasonably priced, and I find that in Canada they are always on sale. Sunsilk also reasonable priced depending on where you purchase it from, and Nexxus is the highest priced usually $9-$15.00, again depending on where you purchase it from.

When I first started out with lace wigs I picked up a trick that gives my wigs a wonderful deep conditioning treatment. It’s really simple and all the supplies are most likely already in your home.

What you’ll need:

A large zip lock bag (I now use a plastic container instead of the zip lock bag)
Conditioner of your choice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Towel, blanket, or sheet


1. Wash your wig normally with shampoo of your choice. You don’t need a lot of shampoo, just a dime size amount should be enough.

2. Rinse shampoo out of hair.

3. After rinsing the hair, you’re going to apply the the conditioner. You want to make sure the hair is covered in conditioner.You don’t need to add conditioner directly to the roots of the hair, this weighs the hair down if not washed out completely.

4. Rub 1- 1 1/2 tsp of olive oil on to the hair as well, you can also mix the olive oil with the conditioner and apply it in step 3.

5. Place the hair in the zip lock bag. I usually add about 5 tablespoons of water to the zip lock bag. You don’t want the hair submerged in water, just enough to have some moisture in the bag.

6. Seal the bag and place it in the microwave. I usually do 45 seconds, but you can do 30 seconds if unsure.

7. After starting the microwave you want to flip the bag in intervals of 15. So if you started at 45 seconds, stop the microwave at 30 seconds and flip the bag (restart it and flip it again at 15). If you started at 30 seconds , flip it at 15… etc. When you flip the bag you also want to open it so that some of the steam escapes.

8. Once the microwave has stopped for the final time, remove the bag and seal it, you want to make sure there is still some steam in it.

9. Wrap the ziplock bag in a towel, sheet or blanket. You basically want to make sure it is able to stay warm for an hour or 2.

10. Once you’ve wrapped up the bag, leave it for an hour or 2. This can also be done overnight, but you should have a heated blanket that will keep it continuously warmed.

11. After the deep conditioning time has passed you can go ahead and rinse the hair. Be sure to rinse the hair thoroughly, leftover residue can cause tangles and matting. You want to rinse the hair until the water runs clears.

12. Once you have rinsed the hair let the wig air dry. For straight hair you can dry it on the Styrofoam wig head, for Curly hair dry it on a towel, with the hair scrunched close to the base of the wig.

Once the wig has been dried, it should be silky and super soft.

Hopefully you will find this trick helpful, and if you know a good tip to keep you lace wig looking fresh leave us a comment.


  1. Thanks for inspiring!! The tutorial is so easy to follow!!

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  2. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try this

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try this

  4. I have a glueless lace wig and it has ear tabs and straps in the back. I think that means they contain metal. This means I can't put it in the microwave, right? Do you think I'd get the same effect from putting the hair in a plastic bag, sealing it, and then putting the plastic bag in hot/almost boiling water for an hour?

    1. Don't put metal in the microwave! It sets fire!

      Maybe try heating it up with a hairdryer whilst it's in the ziplock bag instead?

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